Elevating Transporter

Overseas E/T spare parts

Chinsung world is exporting and supplying spare parts for 100~1,000 ton transporters as OEM or directly through broad networking with German local makers and dealers, and also keeping good relationship with well known equipment users and repair centers at ship builders and sea ports.

Kamag & Kirow

Shipyard transporter 1400

K-EL KAMAG – the specialised transportation professional for shipyards

The features of the K- EL KAMAG shipyard transporter

  • The deck of the lifting platform is fitted with a removable steel cover.
  • The hydraulic axle load compensation cancels out road irregularities.
  • With a total bogie stroke of 700 mm, the transporter frame is elevated by 350 mm so that enough stroke is available for the axle load compensation feature.
  • The hydraulic lifting system is protected against overload.
  • The pipe break safety device maintains hydraulic connections of all cylinders in a group, should a pipe fracture occur.